Three Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Cookies

A number of high-protein cookies are available in supermarkets and at health food stores, but if you're the do-it-yourself type in the kitchen, you may prefer to bake your own cookies. There are so many different recipes for cookies that it can be overwhelming to know how to proceed. The good news is that you can make some simple adjustments to your favorite cookie recipes to add more protein. Protein is valuable for a number of reasons.

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Gut Health

Most people don't know it, but there are actually good bacteria in your gut called microbiota. They are what contribute to good gut health, which is essential for living a healthy, long life. If you're looking to improve this bacteria in your gut, you can perform these steps.  Avoid Sugar The main reason why bad bacteria get into your gut and negatively impact your overall health is because of sugar. It's often considered the silent killer, and is in virtually everything.