Health Supplements: Do You Really Need Them?

Millions of Americans are obese, which means millions of Americans have exceptionally poor diets. Most of these people have other health conditions as well, and they are often surprised to learn that they are in such poor health. What they do not understand is that eating is a necessity, but you have to eat the right foods in order to be healthy. Additionally, you can be obese and be healthy at the same time if you have no other health conditions and you have gained the weight by eating only healthy foods. (Yes, you can get fat eating a lot of fruit! It does have a lot of sugars and calories, after all.) 

That said, you are probably wondering about health supplements. Do you really need them, and if so, how often and how much? Products like Dr. Wallach's line of health supplements will tell you exactly how much to take and how often, but you may still be wondering if you really need them. Here are some signs that point to "yes." 

You Have an Iron Deficiency

People with an iron deficiency in their blood are anemic. They are tired all the time, lack energy, and frequently fall asleep during the day. It also causes a lot of problems with getting enough oxygen to the brain, the heart, the lungs, and the kidneys—all organs that need a lot of oxygen to function. If your doctor has told you that you have anemia, or that your red blood cell count is low, you need a health supplement to fix that. A daily supplement high in iron can fix that, but you should only take it every other day because iron can bind up the lower intestines. 

You Have Sudden Problems with Your Sight and a Vitamin A Deficiency

If you do not eat a lot of spinach, kale, and/or carrots, you may develop a Vitamin A deficiency. This deficiency in turn causes rapid onset changes in your vision that may be reversible, but ONLY if you get enough Vitamin A soon. A daily dose of this vitamin will help turn things around. 

You Experience a Lot of Bruising and a Vitamin K Deficiency

Vitamin K provides the body with the basic building blocks for clotting factors in your blood. Without it, your blood will not clot correctly when you injure blood vessels or burst them inside your body. The resulting (and numerous) bruises reflect a lack of this vitamin. Luckily, a single daily banana or a good supplement fixes this issue. 

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