3 Reasons To Ask Your Doctor About A Pre-Op Drink Before Surgery

Conventional recommendations state that patients scheduled for surgery should stop eating or drinking after midnight the night before their procedure. However, new research suggests that completely forbidding food and beverages may not be necessary for some patients. In fact, the American Society of Anesthesiologists updated its recommendations to permit the consumption of clear liquids up to two hours before surgery for most healthy patients. 

Instead of going for whatever clear liquid you have in your pantry, consider drinking a pre-op beverage specifically intended for consumption before an operation. A pre-op beverage has a formulation designed to help your body recover from surgery. It also fits all of the criteria for beverages that are permissible before a surgical procedure. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with consuming a pre-op drink before your operation.

1. A Pre-Op Beverage Helps Your Body Stay Hydrated

During surgery, it's common for patients to receive IV fluids throughout the procedure, as they have usually fasted before the procedure and can't eat or drink during the operation. These fluids help the body remain hydrated so that it can properly recover from surgery.

Pre-op beverages contain minerals that can help your body stay hydrated and nourished throughout your surgery. Observation from medical professionals indicates that patients who consume clear liquids, like a pre-op beverage, close to their procedures usually require less IV fluids than those who don't. 

2. It May Be Easier to Stabilize Your Body's Blood Sugar Levels After Surgery

A common complication associated with surgery is that it can be difficult to stabilize the patient's blood sugar levels after the procedure, especially if the patient suffers from an underlying condition, such as diabetes or hypoglycemia. This complication arises in part due to the length of the time patients are without substantial food or beverages. 

Pre-op beverages usually contain carbohydrates; consumption of carbohydrates so close to the procedure may make it easier for your doctor to keep your blood sugar levels within a healthy range. 

3. You May Feel Better After Your Procedure If You Drink a Pre-Op Beverage

Many patients experience some degree of nausea or vomiting after surgery. The anesthesia commonly used during surgical procedures can contribute to nausea, and you may be more likely to experience a woozy stomach if you've gone without food and beverage for hours or even an entire day (depending on the length of your procedure). Feeling better after your procedure can only assist with the recovery process.