Here's What Your Service Provider Should Offer When Creating Nutrition Labels For Your Products

Are you looking for a new service provider to create nutrition labels for your products? Here are a few important services they should be able to offer you:

Serving Information

In addition to listing all of the ingredients and nutrition facts for your food products, your labeling service provider should be able to include serving size information on the labels. This will help ensure that your customers know exactly how much of a particular product they should be eating at any given time and that their serving sizes correspond to the nutrition facts that are printed on the label.

Allergen Statements

It's also a good idea to make sure that your service provider can include allergen statements on your nutrition fact labels. Otherwise, you'll have to have them printed somewhere else on your products which could cost more time and money than is necessary. Your service provider should always make sure that the use of nuts, dairy products, and wheat are clearly printed below the nutrition facts so customers can easily scan for the allergen information while shopping at the store.

Revision Options

If you aren't happy with the way a new nutrition fact label looks after it has been designed, your service provider should be able and willing to revise the label to accommodate your design preferences. While you shouldn't expect them to offer you unlimited revisions for free, at least one or two revisions should be included in the initial service fee that you pay when having a new label created for a product. And if necessary, you should be able to pay for additional revisions if you still aren't happy with your labels after the included revisions are done.

Label Designing

Your nutrition labels don't have to be plain and dull. Your service provider can create a custom design that draw customers in, makes it easy for them to understand your products, and makes them more aware of your brand overall. They can use a unique font for the printed words, include multiple colors into the scheme, and even feature your logo on the label so your brand is easy to spot in the store. They can even create a unique shape for your label so it doesn't look plain and blocky like most others that will be nearby on the store shelves.

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