7 Reasons Why Eating Avocado Stuffed Chicken Is Great For Your Health

Avocado stuffed chicken is not only a delicious meal, but it is also a healthy one at that. Combining dry chicken with the creaminess of avocado makes the perfect combination for a deliciously nutrient packed dinner for anyone. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. Avocados Have High Nutrient Value: Avocados contain 20 vitamins and minerals. The most significant include folate, vitamin K, and vitamin C. On top of this, just one avocado has two grams of protein and 15 grams of healthy fats with no cholesterol or sodium. 
  2. Avocados Have More Potassium Than Bananas: One thing that many people do not get enough of in their diet is potassium and many also turn to bananas to help include this in their diet. However, it is actually avocados that contain the most potassium, which is linked to reduced blood pressure. 
  3. Avocados Have Lots of Fiber: Fiber is really great, especially for those looking to lose weight. A good amount of fiber is also linked to reduced sugar spikes, which is helpful for diabetics. 
  4. The Fat in Avocados Help You Absorb Nutrients: Many nutrients that you get from other plant foods cannot be absorbed without the help of some healthy fats. By including avocados in your meals, you can help aid your body in absorbing vitamins, especially vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  5. Chicken Has High Protein: On top of having protein from the avocado, you are also going to get it from the chicken. Having a large amount of protein in your diet is important for staying strong and continuing with normal development. High protein value is linked to preventing bone loss, as well. 
  6. Chicken is an Anti-Depressant: Chicken is high in an amino acid called tryptophan, which is an amino acid that increases the amount of serotonin released in your brain to provide you with a great deal of comfort and happiness. This can also help aid in sleep, which is why avocado stuffed chicken is great to make for dinner.
  7. Chicken is Good for the Heart: Chicken has another amino acid, which helps to suppress homocysteine levels in the body. High homocysteine levels in the body is linked to heart disease. 

By knowing these things amount this meal, you can be sure that you are happy to include it regularly into your meal plan. You don't have to feel guilty afterwards either since you know that you are providing your body with everything that it needs and more.